Third Party Reviews

Paul Moschetti | November 19, 2018 |

"Poor customer service, low quality."

Britton Russell | October 28, 2018 |

"This place is garbage. Only time I got a haircut there it was awful. Then I come back months later because it was only place around without long wait. I ask them to put on the only NFL game on. They were rude about it, never changed the channel. Watched 20 minutes of nothing instead. This place does not make it feel “good to be a man.”"

Brandon M. | September 16, 2018 |

"First time ever in a Sports Clips and will definitely be returning. I had Mary Beth as my barber and she did fantastic. She walked me through what SC is about and was very patient and helpful. The atmosphere is cool. tVs with sports on and a locker room feel. The hot towel and hair wash was an excellent great! Will be returning and will be requesting this excellent barber, Mary Beth!"

Roy Zech | August 10, 2018 |

"Better than Great Chips in that location"

Kristina Bertsch | July 09, 2018 |

"My husband brought our son in for a haircut yesterday and he looks awful! Long pieces around the ears, choppy, & uneven! My husband didn't know better since it was the first time he's taken him for a cut. I was so upset when I saw our son. A year ago he would get great cuts from you guys. I will be taking him somewhere else to get his hair fixed!"

john owens | June 27, 2018 |

"Do not go here for any reason. Incompetent stylists."

David Goodspeed | May 25, 2018 |

"Friendly and always do a great job. My son and I come here every time."

King | April 27, 2018 |

"I had a great experience and got an even better haircut! Marybeth was very friendly and accommodating. She went out of her way to make sure I had the best experience possible. She spent extra time on the scalp massage & back massage which makes you feel like you’re getting what you pay for when you get the extra stuff; other Sports Clips have problems with rushing the extras. The store was in great shape and I can honestly say it was the best experience I’ve had getting a haircut in a very long time!"

John D. | March 01, 2018 |

"Today was the second visit in a row where the person who did my MVP could not figure out how to run the register. I was buying product as well and always got a discount as a MVP ticket holder in Phoenix market. I just walked out without buying the product and should have asked for my $5 tip back. This place is frustrating! I would like the owner to reach out to me if they care about one of there best customers! If not I will go across the parking lot to Great Clips!!"

Greg H. | June 01, 2015 |

"I wish Sportclips would live up to their TV commercials. I visited with my two sons, each of us needing a haircut. 1) Haircuts were average. I know this is dependent upon the stylists, but none of us were particularly happy. Have to get the basics down before extra services matter. 2) They offer an 'MVP' service which includes things I didn't want/ask for (hot towel on your face while you get your hair washed, they run some electric massager-thingy around your back for a while). Apparently it is 'free' on your first visit, so no-harm, but I wouldn't pay for it. At $16, they are a little more expensive than their competitors. 3) "The owner" called while we were visiting and that seemed to put everyone on hold. The owner's spouse was 'out of town', so for some reason all work had to stop while the fact that 'the owner' was on the phone was more important than attending to business. I get it: young business, inexperienced manager, etc... Not my problem. Don't waste my time. T.V.s with sports on them and a gym theme. Fine. I don't care. I was hoping that money went toward better stylists. It doesn't. Still searching for something in-between the $12 haircut and the $40 haircut. Sportclips has $12 haircuts for $16. But when you're paying for 52 haircuts a year (me and two boys), that's not a difference I'm willing to pay. I doubt I'll be back. Not trying to be harsh, but trying to leave some real feedback for an independently-owned business. Its a crowded field and they aren't setting themselves apart."